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Maintaining the beauty of our islands

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Supporting our environment
Choices that keep Hawaii green

At ʻAlohilani Resort Waikiki Beach, we are dedicated to preserving Hawaii’s delicate eco-system by exploring and implementing on-property initiatives to support the sustainability of our beautiful state. Through the ongoing efforts of our partners, associates, and guests, raising awareness and taking on these initiatives together have taken us one-step closer to making a positive impact in the environment for many generations to come.

Reforestation Initiatives
  • Partnership with Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative (HLRI), a non-profit organization committed to returning the indigenous koa, milo and sandalwood trees back to the Hawaiian Islands.
    Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative Logo
  • ‘Alohilani has pledged a commitment to plant 100,000 trees with HLRI (as of 2020 a total of 6,000 trees have been planted and $250K has been raised towards this initiative). By staying at ‘Alohilani, guests can contribute to these efforts.
Water Conservation
  • Our Green Housekeeping Initiative invites guests to indicate if they wish to reuse towels, thereby reducing the use of energy and water.
  • Low-flow aerators throughout the resort, reducing excess water usage.
  • Linen-less tables for meetings and events.
  • Our irrigation system have been upgraded with timers to ensure early morning watering and modified with the seasons throughout the year.
  • Our landscaping associates plant native and drought-tolerant plants surrounding the property.
Energy Conservation
  • Innovative uses throughout the resort achieve a significant impact. At our Oceanarium, for example, using a variable speed control on the main pump allows for an energy savings of 30-40 percent.
  • With LED lighting and a focus on recycling, we achieve a reduction in waste and energy use throughout our resort.
  • We made several Energy Star® rated equipment upgrades for more efficient and energy-saving for the hotel’s main cooling systems.
  • Participate in official Energy Audits to identify performance and areas of opportunity
Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose
  • We proudly participate in “Clean The World®” program. By recycling our bath products, unused portions are repurposed and sent to developing countries.Clean The World Logo
  • As of 2020, we discontinued single use plastics throughout the property.
  • Recycling program implemented for recyclable plastics and other materials
  • In mid-to-late 2021, bulk dispensers for bath amenities will be available in guest rooms reducing the dependency on individual plastic bottles.
  • Logo guest room keys can be repurposed as a souvenir luggage tag.
  • Refillable water stations available for guests in resort lobby reducing the amount of individual plastic disposable bottled water use.
Digital Initiatives for Paper Reduction
  • Electronic text messaging available for staff to communicate hotel information to guests directly during their stay.
  • COVID-19 and Safety measures and hotel updates are easily accessible on hotel website.
  • Digital hotel directory and reference is available on guest room in-room television.
  • Digital signage is installed throughout the property.
Restaurant Initiatives
  • Our restaurants and catering department compost food items. The take-out packaging from our restaurants is either sustainable, compostable or made from recycled materials. In addition, we recycle our fryer oil to keep it from finding its way into our water system.
  • When possible, our chefs prioritize the purchase of local ingredients in support of Hawai’i’s farmers.
  • Partnership with Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water:
    • Waiakea Volcanic water originates in Hawaii through both snow melt and rain on the pristine summit of the active Mauna Loa volcano, one of the purest environments on earth. Water is filtered through porous volcanic rock, natural electrolytes and minerals, naturally alkaline.
    • 393 Million gal/day Source sustainable yield certified carbon neutral supply chain
    • 100% non-virgin plastic refillable bottles
      Waiakea Water Logo
  • Two Electronic Vehicle charging stations available in guest parking garage
  • Discounted bus pass program available for associates
Education and Programs
  • We partner with Hawaii Energy who helps businesses with energy-saving programs
    Hawaii Energy Logo
  • We are proud of our onsite GREEN Team which is an active committee of associates who lead the property in finding sustainability opportunities.
  • Participation in the Strategic Energy Management Program (SEM).